IWD + OUR BIRTHDAY - Issa double celebration!!
Today we’re celebrating International Women’s Day aka our official BIRTHDAY! It’s been one heck of a journey but we’re so grateful to be another year older*
*brand wise obvs…we stopped counting our actual ages after 21 (JK)
Now let’s get back to the matter…if you’re reading this we have one request.
Stop what you’re doing and take a moment to congratulate yourself for making it through this season.We don’t know who needs to hear this but the last year has proven to be challenging for a lot of us and we want you to remember that no matter where you are in lifeyou’ve done an amazing job at simply pushing through.Please make sure you go easy on yourselves and take some time out for a bit of well-deserved selfcare.
In honour of this double celebration we’d like to take this opportunity to shine light on some real boss babes that we’ve seen absolutely killing it!
1. @JackieAina Beauty + Fashion Influencer + Entrepreneur
Who doesn’t love a bit of *JackieJackieJackie x 10*??? Always so unapologetically her, Jackie never fails to amaze us with the way she uses her platform to be a voice for women of colour and advocate against the lack of inclusivity within the beauty industry.
2. @ciaralondon – Personal trainer + Entrepreneur
Ciara is widely known for her impact within the fitness industry and all-round contagious energy! We had to shout her out for consistently bringing the vibes throughout the whole pandemic and working tirelessly to keep the nation fit (@bodybyciarasquad will 1000% co-sign this one)!
3. @imnotelenia – Entrepreneur + Social media influencer
Those of us that have had Instagram since it’s early days will probably have come across Elenia aka your fave influencers fave before they were even your fave! Organically building a large and engaged social following, this babe has done it all; events, fashion design and running multiple businesses – you name it! If we’re talking creative geniuses, it’s definitely worth mentioning her name!
4. @celineeski   Mental Health Advocate + Entrepreneur
Celine’s bravery and dedication to finding solutions for problems surrounding mental health deserves ALL of the accolades! The founder of social enterprise @celutionsuk reminds us of the importance of taking care of our minds and offers guidance on how to do just that through provision of wellness guidance, holding events and workshops that provide education about different mental health issues and more.
5. @rxkeya  Designer + Entrepreneur
Rokeya is the founder and director of @Khanums . This is a luxury women’s wear brand that specialises in beautiful embellished pieces. Rokeya has faced many obstacles in her life however has managed to overcome this and grown Khanums to a 6 figure business in just 9 months. The brand oozes class and elegance through its clean aesthetics which is actually in line with the meaning of Khanums ‘Women of Class, of High Social Status and Rank. Otherwise known as Lady and Queen'. Rokeya is also incredibly transparent about her journey and her drive is so inspiring and proof that being consistent, as well as diligent in your work ethic will pay off.
6. @aurelietshiama  Interior Designer + Entrepreneur
Not only is Aurelie an amazingly talented interior designer she is also the Architectural Director and Co Founder at @Clamp Agency. Her astonishingly striking bespoke 3D Rendors have graced the twitter timeline, we often find ourselves saving them to our camera roll for home inspo to put on our vision boards. If you been lucky enough to see her work you'll honestly be blown away.
7. @brontekingg  Educational Advocate + Social Media Influencer
Where was Brontë when we were in Uni? This would have made life so much easier! Well thank goodness she's a superstar and created an online support network for students & graduates. Brontë is the founder of @galswhograduate which has an ever growing platform and dedicated to supporting all things university and gradate related. During a time where so many students are feeling helpless we'd definitely recommend taking a look into this and getting the much needed support you need.
8.@lilymcmurrayy   Celebrity Stylist + Photographer
Lily is a Fashion & Beauty stylist as well as Events Photographer currently based in London. Her stylist work is most noted with Jorja Smith and unique photography style has been featured in VOGUE. This babe is super talented and one to watch this upcoming year.
9.@kurlykyy   Fitness Trainer + Entrepreneur + Social Media Influencer
Kyyla is a serial entrepreneur based in California, with her @aktivefitness brand aimed to help a community of women, especially women of colour work to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Kyyla has done this through creating specific fitness guides that include workout plans, as well as meal preps everything you need to achieve your body goals. Kyyla has recently launched her activewear atheleisure brand @aktivesport that has cute and on trend pieces, head over to her page and get AKTIVE !
If we were to include all of our faves we’d literally be here all day but that doesn’t mean we don’t see you! You’re all so amazing and motivate us to keep pushing. Thank you so much for supporting and allowing us to keep growing and doing what we love.
To all WMN everywhere
We celebrate you.
We appreciate you.
Today and always.

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