WMN GONE WILD – The Takeover Edition

A WMN by Definition Is Someone That Gets Sh*t Done Regardless of The Circumstance”.

Introducing the modern day WMN. *WARNING* Reading on may force you to take back your control.

For absolute yonks Women have been told they cannot do over and over again; so much so that we’ve actually started to believe it - crazy right.
Wave goodbye to any time you’ve ever watched opportunity pass you by, whilst you wasted a second (anything more is too long) feeling sorry for yourself.
Life will throw you a lot of sh*t. Get up and roll with it. You might never have or feel enough – but you can and you will.
Today and every other day we celebrate you!
Happy International Women’s Day.
Here’s to making it happen – one day at a time.
Peace & Luv

From one WMN to another




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