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It’s shocking to know that it's 2019 and there are still 100s of women that feel they have very little support from women around them.

We felt this post was necessary as this is a topic that is spoken about too frequently but yet very little is being done in society to change it. 



So why is it so prominent in society? Is it because some females are frightened, that if they offer their support, it won't be appreciated? Or is that supporting another female will prohibit them from becoming successful? Maybe its because supporting other women is too time consuming? Or that some females feel like they are unable to help other women because they don't know how to?
During this journey to launching WMNS Wear, we had multiple discussions with other female entrepreneurs and noticed that everyone had felt that there was a lack of support demonstrated specifically from other females. To be clear this is nothing to do with sales, but more to do with support. This can be from as little as retweeting a twitter post to offering to collaborate with their services that may be beneficial to every party involved. We tried to understand what may be the reasons for this and in all honestly we came up with reasons that felt unfair and demotivating. Whilst we may be able to presume what the reasons are, we understand it may be impossible to help each and every person in your life or you encounter. 
Sure enough we wanted to highlight why supporting other women is so crucial. We as women have been oppressed by men in our everyday environments for so long, why should we indulge in behaviours that further elicit oppressive attitudes  towards one another ? Being an entrepreneur is already stressful enough, so imagine feeling like giving up and having no one to support you or keep you level headed.
''Research has proved that having a support system has many positive benefits, such as higher levels of well-being, better coping skills and a longer and healthier life. Studies have also shown that social support can reduce depression and anxiety. The goal of social support is to decrease stress''
– so why don’t we try and help each other more?  It's not rocket science but for many it appears to be!
At some point in our lives whether it’s within your career, family life, mental/physical health or living arrangements, we will ALL need support and guess what - IT DOESN'T HAVE TO COST YOU A THING. We encourage you to give a little more support to those around you, as you never know who might need it. The universe has a funny way of rewarding and taking when you least expect it and you never know when you may be in that position of needing a helping hand.
Although it’s not possible to change things in a day, with small changes in our attitudes and behaviours to one another, we can certainly head in the right direction. For the women reading this that struggle to support other women in their life remember this does not have to be financially. Get creative and think outside of the box for ways in which you can offer your support. 
Here are some ideas we thought of:
  • You can help out by being a runner at their shoot. 
  • Bake some treats for their event.
  • Introduce them to someone that can potentially offer great advice.
  • Suggest events and workshops you may come across that can develop their craft.
  • Recommend their business to potential customers
  • Offer constructive feedback
  • Ask how you can help them
  • Repost and share their work on your socials.
  • Attend their events
  • Show a smile
  • Send a text
  • Give a hug


Seeing other women grow with the support of others around them is soooo rewarding. So try it (even if you already are try some more !).

One of the main things we took away from these conversations is that whilst many female entrepreneurs, felt they haven't had as much support as they would like at any stage of their journey, it is important to remember those that have supported you, no matter how small it may be. We understand that many women may not have access to money, resources, friends or even family to help support them on their journey and we created our brand with the intent to provide a platform for women to unite and collaborate as well as learn about starting a business. In the near future will be hosting events that are targeted at breaking down these barriers and helping women in ways that weren't accessible to us when we started this brand... so stay tuned.


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